Chief Digital Officer

The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is an Executive Team Member who manages the company's digital touchpopints and educates about digital development as well as actively influences the digital and analog future of the company


Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence describes the business relating and data-overall handling Information-delivery, -analysis and -presentation.


Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence is collection, analysis and management of digital data to provide a holistic view to optimise a targeted approach.


Digital Analytics
Digital Analytics measures the Success of Digital Activities and delivers relevant decision support for current and future decisions.


i-Commerce describes the positive motivation of an individual towards the Internet- and Presentation Offering in combination with his or her personal situation as well as the influencing external factors.

Key Performance Indicators
Key Performance Indicators are relevant and changeable Business figures, that can influence current and future business behaviour.


RESS Model

The RESS Model is a further development of the known AIDA model, created in the 19th century. RESS is known for Relevance - Engagement - Success - Support. It includes the importance of Customer Engagement into a Go-To-Market model and supports the AIDA approach in the 21st century. For more information on this model, click here: RESS Model by Ralf Haberich 

Segmentation describes the act of separating a digital picture in diverse attributes and the editing of one or more subgroups for a detailed research.