Presentations, Key Notes



dmexco, Cologne (Germany)


Shift/CX, Frankfurt (Germany)


UN Global Impact Congress, Berlin (Germany)


IN BETA, Frankfurt (Germany)





Inspire, Las Vegas (USA)


dmexco, Cologne (Germany)


shiftCX, Frankfurt (Germany)


Digital Transoformation Summit, Frankfurt (Germany)


Digital Sales & Key Account Congress, Berlin (Germany)


German CRM Forum, Munich (Germany)





Customer Engagement Key Note, Edinburgh  (Scotland)


Deutscher Unternehmertag, Leipzig (Germany)


World Class Digital Transformation Summit, Frankfurt (Germany)


CRM Saturday, Zurich (Switzerland)


German CRM Forum, Munich (Germany)


Digital Marketing Arena, Hannover (Germany)


CeBIT, Hannover (Germany)



Digital Transformation & Customer Engagement





Customer Engagement Congress, Frankfurt (Germany)


dmexco, Cologne (Germany)


CMO Summit, Heiligendamm (Germany)




Digital October - Data Science Week online, Moscow (Russia)


smartcon, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)


CMO Europe Summit, London (United Kingdom)


International Real Estate Symposium, Berlin (Germany)


Digital Analytics Hub, London (United Kingdom)

TeCOMM, Bucharest (Romania)

dmexco, Cologne (Germany)


smartcon Conference, Istanbul (Turkey)

etailcore Live, Barcelona (Spain)

Webtrekk User Conference, Berlin (Germany)


Digital Intelligence and eCommerce Trends



Chief Digital Officer Summit, London (United Kingdom)

eCommerce Summit, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Webit Congress, Istanbul (Turkey)

European Online Retail Forum, Barcelona (Spain)

Conversion Summit, Istanbul (Turkey)

dmexco, Cologne (Germany)

Marketing Insights, Utrecht (Netherlands)

Finance Management, Podgorica (Montenegro)

Marketing Cycle, London (UK)

eTail Europe, Berlin (Germany)

Internet Marketing Conference - Reykjavik (Iceland)

Webtrekk User Conference, Berlin (Germany)

German Marketing Academy, Frankfurt (Germany)

AdUniverse, Warsaw (Poland)

Big Data Congress, Cologne (Germany)

Superweek, Budapest (Hungary)

Blueffect, Warsaw (Poland)



World Brand Congress, Mumbai (India)

Webit Congress, Istanbul (Turkey)

OMExpo, Madrid (Spain)

ICMA, Cologne (Germany)

CeBIT, Hannover (Germany)

German Entrepreneurs, Munich (Germany)

Webtrekk User Conference, Berlin (Germany)

Webwinkel Vakdagen, Utrecht (Netherlands)

iStrategy Conference, Den Haag (Netherlands)

dmexco, Cologne (Germany)

Effectivity Congress, Warsaw (Poland)


Conversion, ROI and Video Analytics


Frost & Sullivan
Global Technology Award, London (UK)

2K12 Internet Congress, Warsaw (Poland)

Wilhelms-University, Muenster (Germany)

dmexco, Cologne (Germany)

Webtrekk User Conference, Berlin (Germany)

DDA Campus, Frankfurt (Germany)

CeBIT, Hannover (Germany)

Webciety eCommerce Forum, Hannover (Germany)

I-COM Global Summit, Rome (Italy)

DAALA-Networking, Cologne (Germany)

Digital Analytics Event, Stockholm (Sweden)

First Web Analytics Congress, Warsaw (Poland)


dmexco, Cologne (Germany)

Conversion Summer School, online

DDA Campus, Frankfurt (Germany)

BITKOM Academy, Frankfurt (Germany)

next, Berlin (Germany)

Online Marketing Day, Frankfurt (Germany)



World´s First Web Analytics Studies about Web Analytics Development in Russia and Poland


Web Analytics Management (Online)

BITKOM Roadshow, Frankfurt (Germany)

dmexco, Cologne (Germany)

IT Profits, Berlin (Germany)

SalesServices, Mainz (Germany)

Web Analytics Network, Munich (Germany)

WAALA, Cologne (Germany)



Advertising Summit, Vienna (Austria)

WAALA - Web Analytics Networking, Zurich (Switzerland)

Web Analytics Strategies, Milan (Italy)

Online Marketing Espana, Madrid (Spain)

Usability-Congress, Frankfurt (Germany)

BITKOM Forum, Berlin (Germany)

M Days, Munich (Germany)

Web Intelligence Forum, Cologne (Germany)

eMetrics Summit, Munich (Germany)

Online Video Seminar, Munich (Germany)


Digital Intelligence & Why Free Web Analytics is not an Investment in the Future



eMetrics Summit, Munich (Germany)

Internet World, Munich (Germany)

MarketingServices, Frankfurt (Germany)

OMD, Düsseldorf (Germany)

CeBIT Presseforum, Munich (Germany)


Nedstat Expert Forum, Munich (Germany)

Work @ Intranet, Frankfurt (Germany)

CeBIT, Hannover (Germany)

FAZ Entrepreneur Day, Darmstadt (Germany)

ecommerce conference, Munich (Germany)

Marketing!Online, Munich (Germany)

Sales Marketing Messe, Munich (Germany)


Bounce Rate & Web Analytics Love



Internet World, Munich (Germany)

Online Marketing Forum, Frankfurt (Germany)

Marketing On Tour, Berlin (Germany)



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